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Services for Seniors

Imagine a caring, attentive session, customized for YOU and focussing on areas of concern, or your favourite spots, such as feet, hands, shoulders and neck, back, legs, arms, scalp. Mary makes in-home visits and uses massage equipment specially designed for comfort and ease. P.S. Mary LOVES Seniors so they always get an extra special session!




Festivals and Events

There is NOTHING like the experience of receiving massage or other healing techniques out-of-doors, especially when there is Live Music involved!  Mary has 16+ years’ experience providing sessions at Music and Arts Festivals.  Headache?  Camping aches and pains?  Sore back or feet?  Need to relax?  Trust Mary to help you feel better!




Retreats and Office Sessions

Are you having a special office appreciation day or weekend group retreat with a little free time built in?  This is an ideal opportunity to offer relaxing, refreshing sessions to your employees or participants.  Session lengths can be tailor-made to your needs, from 15 minutes to full one hour time slots. 



About Mary

Mary Rankin began exploring natural and holistic healing techniques in 1993 when she felt drawn to understand more about health and the mind/body connection.  She has been registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada since 2000 and has provided MassageSeated MassageTherapeutic TouchReiki, and CranioSacral Therapy sessions in a number of settings since then.

Mary is fascinated by how the body, mind, and emotions work together to create our personal health patterns. Her interests include healing work that is physiologically based, such as Swedish Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, and Myofascial Release as well as ancient methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other energy-based techniques. Her continuing education over the years includes training and experience in Swedish MassageCranioSacral TherapyTherapeutic TouchReikiAcupressureShiatsuMyofascial ReleasePNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)Tai ChiYogaQi Gong, and Thai Massage.

Her session work focuses on manipulation of soft tissue, connective tissue release, and restoring balance to each individual’s energy system.  Her diverse background has led her to create sessions that are aimed towards guiding the body’s soft tissue to its optimum functioning and encouraging each client’s inherent ability for self-healing.  Sessions are informed, caring hands-on experiences, with each session tailor-made to fit the individual’s needs.

Gentle persuasion is the key to Mary’s work, although deep tissue enthusiasts have stated that the depth of her work is “right on” in areas that need more intense pressure. When working with clients to relieve the effects of tension, stress, aches, pains, or injuries, Mary strives to provide effective body and energy work sessions that fit the comfort level of each client.




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